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Today as we celebrate the world we live in and ways we can protect it, here at the Bentall Centre we are proud of the sustainability initiatives we have introduced across all areas of the business to reduce our waste output and improve our efficiencies to help make Kingston greener.

Since the last Earth Day, we have installed Dobbie, our Eco-Safe Food Digester, which now disposes of 1.2 tonnes of Centre food waste on average each month. The treatment of waste on-site eradicates the need for trucks to come to collect this food waste, which has resulted in a saving of 562, 324 cubic metres of CO2 emissions since launch. The initiative has been so successful that a further, even larger, digestor is currently being installed.

The Centre has also embarked on a Retailer Recycling Programme encouraging efficient and effective recycling by retailers. In the last year, the campaign has led to over 148 tonnes of cardboard being recycled, the equivalent to the saving of 2,802 trees.

We have also installed over 3,000 LED lights since 2016 which has contributed to a reduction of over 40% in electricity consumption.

These are just some highlights and, of course, it doesn’t stop here, as a Centre we are working tirelessly on our goal to be carbon-neutral.