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analytics that drive Sustainable Business Outcomes

Reduce Food Waste with Data Analytics

Accurate real-time information eliminates the uncertainty about where food waste occurs, how much is being wasted and its associated value.  A waste tracking process forecasts accurate supply chain and inventory needs, standardizes best practices for production, and improves future planning for the prevention of waste. 

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A future with less waste is a future less wasted

Optimize Your Data in These Ways



Access detailed diversion data to create reports to share for regulatory and corporate compliance.


Align sustainability, operational & corporate goals across multiple locations and geographies for standardized outcomes. 


Present real-time diversion data and positive environmental impact on your consumer-facing website, digital signage or intranet. 



Smart Food Waste Tracking

BioHiTech Cirrus®
Food Waste Tracking App

Access and manage your digester network with BioHiTech Cirrus®, an easy-to-use and powerful mobile interface. With BioHiTech Cirrus®, you can view your food waste data from anywhere with an Internet or data connection.

Real-time alerts for improved support

Instant notifications over email and SMS enable proactive support through smarter performance monitoring and visibility of equipment.


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Revolutionize Your Food Waste Management

Discover the difference for yourself when you purchase or lease one of our digesters or become an investor. Learn more by contacting us for a free quote or visiting our investor page.