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Zero Waste Landfill Solutions

Landfill diversion is becoming more critical to organizations worldwide as sustainability goals become a vital aspect of business and landfill space continues to reduce annually. In the U.S., the American Chemistry Council’s Plastic Division has already committed to recovering or recycling all the plastic packaging used in the U.S. by 2040.

Customers and investors now expect clean and responsible manufacturing. This expectation has caused many companies to implement landfill diversions. Achieving a zero waste to landfill initiative leads to more efficient manufacturing processes that save both financial and physical resources by conserving energy and reusing raw materials.

What Is a Zero Waste Initiative?

U.S. municipalities and organizations have defined zero waste in diverse ways. Some focus on zero waste as a goal to achieve, while others call it a philosophy that guides their actions.

Zero waste is an economical, ethical, efficient, and visionary goal that guides people to change their lifestyles and practices to follow sustainable natural cycles in which every discarded material (waste) is designed to be a resource for other people to use.

Zero waste also means designing and coordinating processes to reduce and eliminate the amount of waste and toxic materials and conserve and recover resources without burying them in landfills. Implementing a zero-waste initiative means that there will be no discharges or emissions to the air, water, or land that are a known threat to human, animal or plant health.

What Is the Importance of Reducing Landfill Usage?

The most vital benefit is that we recover most or all of the raw materials used to make the products we rely on. Miners use a lot of energy to extract, refine, and transport fresh materials from the earth. This process of mineral and natural resource extraction can also lead to land degradation and social unrest in the communities where it takes place. Disposing of used products like plastics and organic waste into landfills increases land, air, and water pollution. That’s why it’s essential to recycle and reuse as much material as possible.

Recycling enables us to minimize greenhouse gas emissions. It also helps us recover the energy used to make manufactured products. Without recycling, dumping these products into a landfill causes us to lose the energy used in producing them. Recycling food and other organic waste helps us reduce global warming by reducing the amount of methane gas released into the atmosphere.

Zero Landfill Waste Solutions

There are various ways to achieve a zero landfill goal. By adopting the three-pronged strategy of reducing, reusing, and recycling, it’s possible to keep waste away from the landfill consistently.

Here are three suggestions to accomplish this:

  • Avoid plastic bottles: Don’t join the millions of people who throw plastic bottles away daily. Choose reusable glass bottles instead.
  • Recycle and buy recycled products: Choose products made from recycled materials. This way, you’re helping reduce landfills. Use recycled stationery at work and establish a policy that rewards workers for using environmentally friendly alternatives.
  • Reduce food waste: Avoid throwing food away by managing your portions and cooking only what your family can eat. Donate food that you buy and can’t eat. Then, ensure that you take care of your food waste. Instead of contributing to the millions of tons of food waste taken to landfills annually, use our food waste digester to convert it.

Use BioHiTech Global Food Digester to Achieve Your Zero Waste Initiative

Using our food digester to break down food waste can help your organization hit its zero waste target. Our food digester is:

  • Cost-effective: It can be installed without any capital investment or upfront payment.
  • Efficient in operation: It works with minimal intervention.
  • Data-driven: This machine is connected to a cloud service that provides real-time data and analytics.
  • Useful for improving food management: The data obtained from this device helps users know how much waste has been diverted from landfills.
  • An effective planning tool: The data provided also helps users buy less food and produce less waste.

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