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Entsorga West Virginia

We Can Turn Your Waste into a Renewable Fuel

Our West Virginia facility is the nation’s first resource recovery facility in the United States to utilize a mechanical biological treatment process. The facility recovers biomass, plastics, and other carbon-based materials from the mixed municipal solid waste (MSW) stream and Commercial & Industrial (C&I) non-hazardous secondary materials and converts them into an EPA-recognized renewable fuel. During the process recyclable commodities such as metals are extracted and recovered in conjunction with Berkeley County’s current recycling program.

The renewable fuel, known as Solid Recovered Fuel, will be used by large energy users and co-processing facilities like cement manufacturers and steel mills as a cost-effective alternative or supplement to fossil fuels.


  • The first fully operational MBT facility, Entsorga West Virginia, is located in Martinsburg, West Virginia (90 miles west of Baltimore) and will process 110,000 tons of MSW/C&I waste and provide approximately 45,000 tons of  high-calorific value SRF to a nearby cement plant.
  • SRF is marketed to off-site industrial and utility users to replace coal and to help those users reduce their carbon footprint and lower their emissions.
  • The technology allows for up to 80% diversion of MSW/C&I from landfills and upwards of 20% is added to the recycling stream.
  • MSW/C&I generated in a municipality can be managed locally reducing transportation costs and distances.
  • For municipalities facing landfill end of life issues, the technology can extend the useful life by 500x. The facility can be thought of as a renewable landfill that has no finite capacity. 

To contact the plant directly, please call 304-724-8668 or send an email to [email protected].

We Can Turn Your Waste Into Renewable Fuel

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